The Association Internationale Soleils du Monde is a non-profit association, recognized as being of general interest - working in France and in several countries around the world through humanitarian, cultural and educational activities.

It is an apolitical association, which welcomes individuals open to all points of view, beliefs, religions as long as it respects human beings, their dignity and their rights. We have people of different religions and cultures within the association and respect the uniqueness of each one.


The first actions of the association (2007) were carried out in the district of the French Provinces in Nanterre (92) with Romanian, Senegalese and Pakistani children and their families (homework help, activities, school support, administrative procedures) and then extended to the district of the Park of Nanterre (voluntary cultural activities with the public in psychological fragility in collaboration with the association GEM Alliances - Mutual Assistance Group) - (2008-2014). People from this association have also benefited from cultural trips to Romania and Morocco attending humanitarian missions helping while being helped themselves.

Actions in Roma camps have been carried out with our members and volunteers since 2008. Today, several Roma families and homeless people of different nationalities (Bulgarians, Romanians, Roma) in Paris are still assisted daily by the members of the association passing through different districts. Distribution of hot drinks, food packages, gifts at different times of the year (Christmas, Easter).


Internationally, our actions take the form of humanitarian aid, ranging from basic needs to education and cultural openness. Our team in France organizes several humanitarian missions in different countries each year to visit children, organize activities with them and distribute food, clothing, hygiene products, school supplies and educational materials. Our missions also strengthen links with local partners who discover the context of each country and its needs and also lead us to carry out projects by ourselves with the initiatives of the associative team and its volunteers in France.

Our countries of intervention: France, Cambodia, Romania, India, Madagascar, Colombia, Togo, Morocco, Nepal

PRIORITIES 2018 - Cambodia, Morocco, Romania, India, Madagascar, Colombia

In all these countries, the association helps, supports and offers individual sponsorship of children. Projects in the field of health, education and culture are planned. You will find the project sheets in the Projects section.

The children we help all have parents and families that we gather around activities during our humanitarian missions.

The families are followed and helped by the association during each mission but some are also individually sponsored by individuals who visit them regularly.

Actions are being studied for Colombia, Sri Lanka, Algeria and the openings planned in other African countries (Mali, Senegal, Gabon) according to the sincere and motivated volunteers and representatives who join our teams and can help to implement the projects, ensuring the follow-up of children and families on the spot and in France.